URcap only active on some installations

We have a couple of UR robots in our lab for testing and proofing of concept.
For some projects we use URCaps and i would like to only have them active/installed in the programs where they are needed.
So far i have only been able to fully remove them or have them active.

I believe that is how they work. The CAPs are loaded before Polyscope even fully boots, so there’s no way it would be able to react to which program you load.

Hi mwn

I have previusly needed to implement an on/off button in the installation node of an urcap, that deactivate (not removes) all the nodes related to the urcap, to acoomplish some thing similar this, as you can then have installation files where the URcap is inactive and other where they are not.

Hope this was helpful.

the activator class of the urcap code can be used to “enable” and “disable” urcaps, but it is part of the urcap code. If it wasnt implemented during urcap development, no options exist to add this functionality to an existing urcap.

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