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URCap multiple instance operation fails

Hey Forum!

I have a URCap built, which would need to set values on a migatronic welder on the UR10 Robot.
The URCap will write a script code, which sets values via Profinet connection.
It also generates MoveNodes with predefined shapes.

The URCap works fine on its first attempt, but then many functions of the Robot fail, including the profinet connection, and even some of the URCap’s own java features fail. Restarting the robot doesn’t solve this issue, the only solution is to re-Add the URCap, and then it will work fine again once.

The whole issue came up after the URCaps “BeforeStart”-script was run two times in one program, defining some of the methods (like ArcOn()-the one that turns the welder on) twice.
Since this moment the URCap seems to fail if its not freshly Added.

I’m clueless about the whole thing, since there has even been some tweaks made to the URCap and it still fails.

In the simulator however, it works fine without any re-Add-s.
The only difference is that the simulator never had the “BeforeStart” Script run twice.
Is it possible that the script running twice made a huge mess in the Robot’s PC?
Did anyone see anything like this before?

Thanks for all your help: