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UR5e Noise level

First of all I have to say that this is a subjective and opinion based statement/question.

We recently bought a new UR5e-series robot and we already own two UR5e. The control box of the new series got much more quite, but it seems that the robot itself, primarily the base joint got a little louder. I measured the noise level of the old and the new series. Both carried out a 180° rotation around the base joint with a velocity of 120°/s and an accel of 200°/s^2.
As you can see it is basically the same:



The fan level of the control box caused a higher minimum

In the datasheet of the new UR5e they talk about a noise level < 65dB so, these values are totally fine.

Has anyone, owning the two models, experienced the same thing, that (subjectively speaking) the new series got a little louder when the robot is moving?