Looking for advice on achieving smooth operation of UR10e at lower Controller Manager frequencies

Hello UR community,

I am currently working with a UR10e robot in a ROS2 humble stack and facing challenges related to the controller manager update rate. The UR10e has a recommended controller manager update rate of 500Hz, but due to the addition of other actuators and sensors, I am constrained to a maximum frequency range of 50-100Hz for the controller manager.

Upon lowering the frequency, I have observed issues with the UR arm’s operation. In velocity mode, there is noticeable vibration, and in position mode, the robot goes into protective stop. This impacts the smoothness and reliability of the arm’s movement.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance, tips, or insights from the community on how to address this challenge. Specifically, I am seeking advice on optimizing the UR10e’s performance at lower controller manager frequencies, ensuring smoother operation.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and expertise.