UR5 not Booting: 2. Digital Input, No Cable


After storing the UR5 CB2 for 2 years in a dry place it wont boot anymore. :frowning:

The display turns on and a tiny message pops up: Digital Input, No Cable.

After 3 seconds the mahine turns off again.

According to the Service Manual i need to change the Mother Board??? But why, before puting it into storage, the machine worked fine.

I would be glad to get some info about this, plus where I can buy a new motherboard?

Thanks in adavance.

Bios battery is 0,4V

Maybe that is the issue?

The BIOS battery is exactly the issue. :slight_smile: If it runs low while the controller is off, the BIOS settings are reset.

You should replace the motherboard. It can be ordered from any distributor and most integrators. If you’re in/near Denmark, you can give me a write. :slight_smile:


So the BIOS setting cannot be put back into original state after battery replacement?

Check your PN.

You might be able to do it yourself by plugging in a USB keyboard and accessing BIOS like a normal PC. I don’t know the hotkey or how to do this, though, but it should be worth a try. Remember to replace the CMOS battery first.

There is a Service Manual regarding the Problem. I got it from the support today.
You need to bridge two pins and the BIOS can be reset. No need for a new Motherboard :slight_smile:

@vt340 Could you link to the Manual?

I got it via E-Mail but I think it is OK to upload it here.
I guess a lot of people bought a new motherboard because they didn’t know that the fix is just 2€ for a new battery :smiley:

CB2.0 - controller that won’t turn on.pdf (1.5 MB)

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Yeah got the same issue and got two UR5 CB2 with same issue. Waste of good hardware due to small battery issue. So Thanks ( Og som vi siger på dansk - tak)

Do you maybe have the old Motherboard in storage still? After fixing the battery the screen output fails! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt :frowning:

HI - don’t have it in storage but now got two UR5 that works again - so thanks.

not sure if you still need help but that manual stated to disable all ports except the first one to avoid hardware conflicts. that seems like why it would be intermittent.