Can I use a computer to load/play/pause programs of my UR5 over Ethernet IP?


I am quite new with UR and I am developping a vision/robotics application. I wanted to know if it was possible to use only a PC connected via Ethernet to load, play or pause a program of my UR5 ?
I’m using a C# coding environement that is similar to VisualStudio but more basic (Cognex Designer, a vision software).

Best regards,
Camille Bizouard

I have already implemented communication with a robot in Cognex Designer. I have used this library and added the .NET 3.5 framework DLL UnderAutomation.UniversalRobots.dll as reference in the project.

Alternatively, you can also implement yourself the dashboard protocol in C#.

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Thanks a lot, I will check the UnderAutomation library.

Hi, I recommend that you set “play(or pause, stop ) when input is Hi” on IO tab in polyscope.

Hi Camille,
You can use a in your program and send commands (Start, stop, Pause) and also Load Programs by connecting to Dashboard server on port 29999.