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UR5 CB3 Axis swap

Quick question. I have a UR 5 Cb3 series and am replacing J2 (elbow). Are the Axis that are the same size interchangeable? For instance if I had J1 (shoulder). I thought the e-series this was true, but I am wondering on the Cb3 series.

You can look at the CB3 service manual section 3.1.18 Joint spare part adaptation to determine the interchangeability of joints. If you do interchange joints, you will need to reidentify the joints as described in 3.1.17, and possibly re-zero the joint by 180 degrees using the procedure in 3.1.15.

Universal Robots recommends that the user does not attempt repair, adjustment or other intervention in the mechanical or electrical systems of the robot without first consulting a UR certified service engineer. Any unauthorized intervention will void the warranty. Service related operations and troubleshooting should only be performed by qualified personnel.

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Thank You very much, I will review the service manual. I thought this was a possibility.