UR Interchangeability

Does anyone know how precise universal robots are from one another in turns of positioning and kinematics? For example, if I wanted to switch one UR5e with another UR5e and they each ran the same program with the same installation, and were both in the same exact position (hypothetically), how similar would they act? Is it almost a guarantee that waypoints would need to be adjusted? I’ve been trying to find the answer in any of their manuals, but I can’t seem to find anything concrete.

Check out the “program correction by key waypoints” outlined in the service manual and calibration manual that can be downloaded from our website.


This method only supports fixed waypoints, so variable waypoints and MoveJ waypoints with the “use joint angles” box checked may still need touched up depending on how precise your process needs to be.

I’ve always found that the mounting process introduces more position error than switching the robot does.