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UR5 Analog IO and Arduino


can i connect directly to the analog in of the UR5 the PWM analog out of an arduino (0-5V) without any big hustle ? so i connect juste the GND to the AGND and the PinOutput to the AIN1 of the UR5 ?

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No, the arduino works from 0 to 5V and the UR works from 0 to 24V. So you can see why that would be a problem for the arduino.

thx for the reply. Isn’t the UR5 analog in working between 0-10V ?

Might be, i’m not sure, i never used them, but still is too much for the Arduino.

Analog inputs in the UR can be configured to either 0-10 V (voltage mode) or 4-20 mA (current mode).


You can connect Arduino directly to analog Output or Input, (I used to try it)

You must limit output voltage to 5v (just do not set voltage above 5v),
Do not relay on calculation, make a check before set the output

if output_voltage_var >5
outupt_voltage_var = 5
if output_voltage_var <0
outupt_voltage_var = 0

And make sure you are using Voltage mode (instead of current mode)

But it will be much better to use optical isolators / logic level convertors (sorry, I can not specify suitable model)

You are doing it on your own risk
Keep in mind that you can damage not only Arduino, but your robot

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