Reading Analog Output from UR-10E with Arduino

Does anyone have any experience reading an analog output from the UR-10E with an Arduino? I have a simple linear actuator mechanism that connects to the end of the UR-10E and I want to control the extension using an analog value to correspond to a potentiometer value on my linear actuator. How would you wire it? What settings would you change on the UR-10E?

I would set up the analog output to voltage mode (0-10V), and then use a voltage converter to send the signal to Arduino:

UR Analog OUT [0,10 V] -> DC/DC converter from 10 to 5V -> Arduino Analog IN  [0, 5 V]

So based on what you want and an example on the UR10e manual, this is how I would approach it:

I have yet to try this with my UR but you could using some resistors create an Arduino Voltmeter

You would have to use the map() function in your code and unfortunately depending on the resolution it may or may not be what you are looking for.