Relay Wiring to UR10E

I’m a bit confused on how to wire up a relay to my UR-10E. I was inspired by a youtube video but it’s a bit vague as to the wiring. Arduino VS Universal Robots UR5 - YouTube

Would I be able to wire my relay/arduino as shown in the diagram below


this will cause a shotr circuit when the relay is at NC
The common is correct 24v into the relay but you will need to wire the NO, and NC to Digital inputs (DIO#)
when the relay switches it will pass 24v through the relay and back onto one of the DIO’s

Hope this helps!

The common, with how they have it set up, is going to the Digital Input so it should not cause a short. The two connections would be 24V → DI2 when open and 0V → DI2 when closed.

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So both wires for the NO and NC go the DI2 pin in my case?

That’s how I interpreted what the creator of the video was doing with his set-up.

So would this work? and not damage the UR?

It should be fine but I believe you could also just leave the Normally closed as disconnected as the input should go low when left floating. You would only need two wires then.