UR3e + OnRobot RG2 crashes when sending home from difficult configuration


I discovered that sometimes, when the UR3e is in a difficult configuration, the “send home” move option takes a trajectory that makes the RG2 gripper collides with the arm.

How can I define the size of the gripper so the planning takes the size of it into account?

I have already defined the TCP and tried changing the radius of it, but it still happens.


Can anybody point me to a possible solution?

The problem is planning of the movements once a tool is installed. How do we make sure that the tool won’t crash against the arm between waypoints?


You will need to define a safe path for the robot for these scenarios. The article below should be a good starting point. You’ll probably be using X and Y coordinate values vs. Z, but the concept is the same.


Alternatively, you can use a variable to track where you’re at in your program. Then, use a switch-case command in the Before Start section with different homing sequences based on the variable value.

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Thanks for the tip.

I was currently looking at the Remote TCP & Toolpath URCap, because I saw that you can import a model of your tool with Gcode and I thought this could be a solution for a safe path. Is this a good/feasible idea?

It is entirely up to the programmer to make a safe path home, as miwa is explaining. :slight_smile:
The robot cannot take tools/cables/hoses into account when semi-automatically moving to a position (such as Home and Move Here to waypoints).