Simulate program in URsim with OnRobot RG2

Hi there,

For a customer I wrote a program for an UR3 (CB3) with OnRobot RG2 - gripper.

I want to be able to modify and simulate this program offline. Normally this is possible via URsim. However, I now get the (logical) error after installing the OnRobot RG2 URcap on my URSim that no physical gripper was detected.

Is there a way around this, or is this only possible by connecting a physical RG2 gripper to my PC?

Thanks in advance for the answers, tips and effort!

This is a general problem with most urcaps that rely on hardware and attempting to run them on ursim. Without the hardware the underlying urcap does not function properly. You should contact onrobot about this. Maybe they have some sort of simulator mode with their urcaps (like a daemon that runs and emulates the hardware) but I am doubtful.

Thanks for your reply.

In case anyone else encounters this problem:
I’ve contacted Onrobot, unfortunately they don’t have a solution for this other than surpressing the RG2 rules or adding them later.