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[UR10] Recommend SD card size/type

Hi everyone,

Today I had an issue when updating from 5.3 to 5.4 and there is a high chance that the upgrade failed due to lack of space during the process. The robot had an SD card of 4GB and apparently the 5.4.2 software version is a little bit heavier than its predecessors.

Does anyone know which is the recommended/maximum size and type of SD card that can be used with an UR10 and UR10e?

Hello @david2,

UR recommends a 4GB industrial grade SD card.

What program did you use to save the image file to the SD card?

I just checked an SD card I have on hand and it looks to be less than the 4GB allotted:

Hi @inu,

Thanks for your prompt response! I used Rufus to save the image into the SD card.

Is there a specific reason why UR recommends cards of 4GB? Is it possible to use a bigger card?

While I was trying to solve my issue (failed update) I saved the image into a 64GB card, unfortunately the robot didn’t recognized it and the Polyscope screen never turned on.


If your robot uses bios version S1.53.3.1 then it should be possible to use any industrial SD card.
Older bios versions, and some older motherboards only work with UR supplied SD cards.
It’s always recommended to use UR SD card for OS, then you can use your own USB drive for data storage.

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