UR Academy T's & C's

Not quite sure this is the right place but didn’t see anyplace better…

In another thread pho posted a link to the UR Academy. Looked like a great resource so I tried to log in with my UR account. It accepted the user name and password then took me to a T & C page.

This is what’s on the T & C page:

(“Universal Robots”), processes my personal data for the following purposes (check):

Universal Robots A/S may process my name and business contact information to contact me by means of email for marketing purposes.

Universal Robots may share my name and business contact information with third parties (e.g., UR+ Partners, Distributors, Training Partners, and Systems Integrators) for marketing and business development purposes.

Hereby, I agree that all such photos, video or audio recordings and any reproduction thereof shall remain the property of Universal Robots.

I’m totally not OK with that and neither would the company I represent. It reads like it extends to the entire UR web space, including here on the forums.

Why would UR lock their educational material behind that kind of wall? It’s totally not OK!

Can I request access without agreeing to these crazy terms?

Hello again Rekd. On this topic I can help! New laws were passed in Europe (GDPR) that force companies to put stuff like this in front of any situation where we are going to get end user personal information (like email, company, your profile picture [not a problem in your case], etc). We do it because we have to :frowning:

Nothing shady going on here.

Didn’t mean to imply something shady. Just not willing to agree to those terms.

I’ve contacted other companies about this and they’ve always manually added me without having to agree to this kind of thing…

Not sure we can, but let me follow-up with you with a direct message.

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Hi Rekd,

I sent you a direct message in the forum. Think you can find it if you look at your inbox in the top right of the screen. Need your email address so I can follow up with you directly. Please do not post it here :slight_smile:

I don’t have anything like that…


interesting. do i have your permission to grab your email from the forum admin site? I will then email you directly.

Yes, go ahead blah blah 20 chars…

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:smiley: … 20 chars back bla bla bla

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