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Single Sign-On FAQ

Beginning February 5, 2021, it is easier to connect with UR using a single password. We have consolidated the access directory so users will be able to sign into these systems with the same set of credentials. Our new Single Sign-On applies to:

  • myUR
  • Academy
  • Downloads
  • UR+
  • Forum

I had a login with one or more of those sites. What does this mean for me?

Next time you log into any of these systems you will be asked to reset your password. Your username and new password will now log you into the various gated systems on UR’s website.

What happens to my user profile in each system?

The SSO will allow you to log in using the same credentials. Individual systems like the UR Academy still have user profile information that is unique to that system. These user profiles will all remain unchanged.

Does this mean I automatically get access to invite-only systems like myUR Customer Portal?

No. The SSO will allow you to sign into UR’s website, but certain systems will still require that you request access. Some systems have special requirements that do not allow access without request.


Good morning Lacey,

I wonder if you can tell me when in-person training will be available. I have a number of technicians and engineers that need to learn both the intricacies as well as a deep dive into the UR / Polyscope programming. I had intended to get at least a few trained last year but we all know what happened there. If in-person is not going to be viable for a while I need to know what all of my options are.


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Hi Greg,

In the US, we offer Core training online and will be offering our in-class training once COVID allows. In the meantime, you can book classes on Academy!

Kind regards,

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Is there any way to setup training here? I was thinking at a hotel meeting room nearby.