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Advanced Training for URCaps

Does Universal-Robots offer any advanced training classes targeted at developers and/or end users wanting to do complex integrations ?

Would like to see an overview of “behind the scenes” operation of the robot, scripting, integration with outside systems, basic development - hello world of UR5 advanced programming. Then perhaps some in depth training on each of these subjects.

Any third parties offering this type of training ?


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Hi Mark,

We do offer advanced training globally, but the whether this is open to developers/end users and not just distributors will vary from region to region. In most regions distributors are required to train their own end users, but we understand that most are not equipped for UR+ developer support/training so we are looking into running developer dedicated sessions.

Are you based in the US?

Yes. I’m in the US. Cleveland Ohio area.

Hello all, I’m interested too. I’m in México but I can move if it is necessary.


I am also interested. I am from Germany and I applied for the training events in Munich office around 2 weeks back. But nobody replyed me. Still waiting for the reply from universal robotics for the trainings in October.

@ame @bba @asc Any plans for UR developer sessions in these regions?

We have planed a UR+ Developer Session on the 24th and 25th of January next year

@nithinpanand: The posibility to sign in for phyical trainings in the german region via the Academy is at the moment only for internal tests. If you would like to join a training, you need to contact a local partner. They could sign you up for a training in our training facility.