UR 10e Stacking/Destacking

I am using UR 10e for destacking of thin metal parts. Sometimes, the robot does not function as expected or throws some errors. After the error and/or after program is stopped, its end effector does not remember the last position(at Stack; begins from start position again :(. I used this remember last position on Palletizing/Depalletizing application, but cannot find on Stacking/destacking.
Does anyone know if it is available also on Stacking Destacking or any other method to do it?

Kind Regards,

Hello Bipeen,

Sounds weird that it throws errors.
You could add an expression “At next item” in the destacking function which works with force or a sensor. If done right it will make the robot move downwards until either it hits a part or the sensor activates. It should also remember this position for the next run. :slight_smile:
It will make it search for a part, if it has been reset, but it will also add the extra function each time a part is picked, so might not be a great solution. :slight_smile:

Hi efn,
Many thanks for the reply. The approach you suggested sounds fine, and I will try it.

Best Regards!

Is it possible to use the force sensor in ur robot or must i buy a external force sensor, don have the e-ur.
If, it possible, how do i use it? in the destack wizard.