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Stacking with a DIY gripper

Hello, I am Zeke. i am beginner in UR5e and I try to develop a gripper. This is my first post here in UR.

The gripper I make is working, it is open and close using digital[0] signal from Robot.

The gripper does not have a sensor so I make a thread to use robots variable var forced = force(); The var is updating well but I am having trouble getting the robot to stop when it reaches the top of the stack.

I told the Robot to read from the var and if its var forced>=0.001 to stop but i am unsuccessful the robot not listening even though the var is working. Maybe im doing something wrong here?

Can somebody help me please?

Thank you for your assistance.

Here is the program:
dog_bone.urp (2.6 KB)


The “next position is found when” condition and the “stop when” condition in the Direction node should not match. You have both of these set to “forced >= 1.0”.

When the “next position is found when” condition is met, the program will execute the PickSequence node. When the “stop when” condition is met, the program aborts the Destack sequence, and will reset its internal counters used to remember stack position.

For your application, uncheck the “stop when” box in the Direction node, and change it to “stop after”. Measure the height of your dog bone stack, and put it in the box. There’s a couple screenshots attached of your current settings and the proposed settings (estimated height of dog bone stack at 100mm).

Also, on a UR5e, the FT sensor resolution is 2.5N. If your setting value of 1.0N is creating false triggers, you may need to increase it.

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