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Upgrade is failing

Hello, i Try to Upgrade e series to 5.10.1 but show what you see in pictures.
I try Format in FAT32, in NTFS, in USB port of controller and USB of teach pendant and nothing works.

Best Regards,
Gabriel Costa

Hi @gabriel.costa ,

This issue is seen several times with low quality USB sticks. I will recommend you to try with another physical unit of better quality.


@gabriel.costa, please make sure to use a USB that supports 4GB or more (FAT32) with the Polyscope upload file placed in the root and no other files in the USB drive. Be sure that the file isn’t corrupted and as Ebbe said, don’t use a poor quality USB. Thank you.

@Ebbe @tle What do you mean better quality usb? Usb 3.0? Which characteristics should i see?

To be honest I am not sure if there is any specific metric to look for. Often there is a relationship between price and quality.
So far I have only seen issue with very cheap USB2.0 sticks.

I use this.
It is no problem.

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You can close this ticket,i already upgrade the polyscope, i suggest include in manual to format in FAT32

thank you for the help

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