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Until I/O input Node inside a Screwdriving Node


I’ve tried searching for this issue but couldn’t find any related topics. When creating a ScrewdriverNode within Polyscope, we typically get an associated Until Node automatically with that node.

In the version of the URCaps SDK I’m using (1.11.0), I can neither access the Screwdriver Node’s Until Node (because of a failed cast from (UntilNode) screwdrivernode.getChildren().get(0) ), nor can I create an Until Node separately and insert it into the Screwdriver Node as a child. Is this a bug? Specifically what I’m trying to do is configure the screwdriver’s until node to have a condition with createDigitalInputConfig(ModbusIO input, boolean valueToProceedUntil)

The error I get specifically is:

ERROR - It is only allowed to insert an Until I/O input node inside a Direction or Waypoint.

Why are screwdriver nodes not allowed to have an Until I/O input Node like the Direction or Waypoint nodes? We can do it in Polyscope, but not through the SDK.

Hi Joshua,

despite having the same name/looking the same in the program tree an Until-Node inside the Screwdriver Program node is not the same as an Until-Node inserted via a Direction or Waypoint node. Therefore it is not possible to insert the Until-Node, which is available via the api.

The Screwdriver Until-Node is designed to fit the requirements of the screwdriving process, which does not fit within the needs of the normal program and vice versa.