Universal Robots+

Unknown event in log

Recently I have this informational string in the date log just after boot:
RTMachine !SECONDARY_PROGRAM_EXCEPTION_set_runstate_configurable_digit!
usually followed by:
PROFINET I/O connection established

What does the first string mean?

I’m trying to run a secondary program inside a Python daemon in URCap or alternatively by adding a python script in crontab, but I can’t understand the log message.

The python script should ask periodically to the robot if it is in remote or local control (through Dashboard server) and then set a GP register to 1 or 0 depending on the answer (through a secondary program sent through secondary interface). It works only if I start the URCap daemon manually or, in case of the script in crontab, if I add a very long delay to start the socket connections when the robot is fully booted.