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Profinet integration Siemens CPU - UR 10

Hello everybody, I have a problem, which I could not solve despite intensive study of the Profinet Guide from UR and browsing the forums. I always have a module error in the TIA Portal with the modules 8_O2T Robot IO, 9_O2TGeneral Purpose Registers 1 and 9_O2TGeneral Purpose Registers 2 (see Appendix). These signals are the signals (outputs) that are transmitted to the robot (PLC → robot). I can receive the inputs (modules 1-7). If I remove cards 8-10 from the device configuration, everything works.

What I have already done so far:
Address areas changed / adapted (also in other areas% Q500.0 …)
Different TIA version (13,14) because I suspected that the GSD data does not work with TIA V16.
Other Profinet participants (vision camera) removed from the network

Is there anyone who has had the same problem?

Is there anyone who has managed to establish secure Profinet communication between the robot and a Siemens controller?

System: Hardware: CPU 1510SP-F - UR10 Software: TIA V16 - UR 3.14.3 A desperate UR user would be very grateful for your help :slight_smile:


The error was due to another Profinet participant who was using the same address register. However, this could only be found out when asked by the manufacturer.

As a little hint, for all those who get undefined problems at the beginning: The Ethernet / IP adapter likes to activate itself unintentionally, e.g. when restarting by loading an incorrect installation file. Since only one fieldbus adapter may be active on the UR, this can lead to problems.