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Toolbar and Installation Node

I have created a URCap and it includes a toolbar. Reading through the available information I came across this statement in the “Principle of URCaps Toolbar” – “As the Toolbar does not have a context to the program or installation domains of the robot, …” The toolbar is designed to take information from digital inputs and display it as indicator lamps (fault…) and buttons on the toolbar are designed to fire digital (and analog) outputs. These inputs and outputs are configured on the URCaps Installation Node. I have also reviewed the “My Toolbar” example and it did not help.

Is there additional documentation that is available that could help?

Thank you for your time!

The ToolbarContext provides access to API relevant to the Toolbar.
The toolbar does not have a DataModel, as it is part of the robot itself, and the context of the installation and program nodes are stored in the installation- respectively program-file.

Using the ToolbarContext you can get the ApplicationAPI from which you can get what you need, respectively:

  • Your Installation node, hence to read which I/O’s should be used
  • The IOModel, which provides access to the I/O’s of the system.

Great! That is what I needed. Thanks