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DataModel Issues

I currently have a URCap which requires the user to set 4 values as they go through their program, which will also show up properly on future program nodes as they are currently transferred through the installation node. I would like these values to be able to be saved on a program by program basis so that when you load a previous program they change to what you had set them to in that program. From what I understand, the program node data model is created fresh for each instance of your program node so this would be impossible through just the program nodes. However if the user has to re-set those values in order to run the individual programs they create it would obviously be quite inefficient. The cap is created in API version 1.1 in order to remain backwards compatible for our users. Is there any way to accomplish this in the old API?

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Figured this out through re-educating myself on the robot functionality. By routing the variables through the Installation node I am able to then save the .installation file with the specific program and load the installation when I load the program. Reply here if anyone has this issue and needs further info.

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