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Datamodel reload in ProgramNode

I am facing an issue in managing variables in with datamodel.

My actual problem seem to be related to this one: ToolbarContext problem when changing installation file .

I want to create a list of stored values in datamodel and the user can choose to change or add new values both from ProgramNode and in InstallationNode. However I notice that if for example I create a node in ProgramNode and I made some changes in the stored values when I reload the same .installation file whitout saving the modification, the already created node shows the values modified before the reloading. On the contrary, if I create a new node it shows the correct values. In addition if I save and reload the program, all the nodes shows the correct values stored in datamodel.
I think that the problem is related to the fact that in ProgramNode, the datamodel variables are no upgraded when changing .installation file. Is there any way to automatically upgrade this variable when I change .installation file?
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