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Tool connectivity for non e-series

The e-series have an improved tool connectivity allowing serial communication through the robot. I noticed that the non e-series have also a metal cap that has 7 connections. Are the wires available in the UR pannel? Could I retrieved them and use them for serial communication. I’m aware that this could end the warranty. Thx.

Given the diagram in the manual, you would think that:

But the connector to the control box has far fewer conductors, so I would presume the Tool IO is done over a communications bus and to get into those connections, it would have to be done inside one of the joint caps.

Given this wording in the warranty, I would assume if something goes wrong, you are on your own.

This Warranty shall be invalid if the device defect is attributable to improper treatment and/or failure to comply with information contained in the user guides. This Warranty shall not apply to or extend to services performed by the authorized dealer or the customer themselves (e.g. installation, configuration, software downloads).

Thanks for your answer. The Tool IO uses the same bus (RS-485) for controlling the joints, so there has to be something in the tool mounting bracket that transforms the signals to the bus and vice-versa.

So it’s currently not possible, unless you tap in the RS-485 bus with another wire on the safety control board and rearrange the wires in the tool mounting bracket to let the RS-485 out. You would also have to sync the data so that is does not collide with the joints messages…