System is not starting up

Hey guys…i guess i need your help.
I was trying to start the system and the screen shows me the uploaded message.
What could i do?

I borrowed the ur5 robot arm from my colleague and tryed to switch it on, thats it.


Might be faulty TP (looks like you started hardware troubleshooting). Try connecting external monitor to dvi output in control box.

hey hi…thx for the quick response. I tryed to connect an another monitor through the dvi port in the control box.
But the problem is still there. same message is poping up.


That goes beyond simple forum help. Possibly embedded PC has failed.

hey…yea looks like. found the exact description in the manuals. I guess i need to chnage the motherboard :sob:

But anyway…thanks a lot for your help :slightly_smiling_face: