Synchronise a Ewellix LiftKit

Hi all, i need to synchronise my liftkit with my robot. In my case, I have 3 different waypoint. Each of them have a different height (with the liftkit). Can I wait for the Liftkit to reach is first height before the robot gone to the next point? Presently, the robot reach the 3 waypoint before the liftkit gone to is first height.! I created a thread to move the liftkit but, I can’t synchronise with the program robot.

Thank you!

You need feedback from the liftkit device in order to make this happen. It should be capable of providing some sort of “Move Complete” bit, and you would just issue a Wait command where you look for this bit to be high (presumably waiting for it to drop low first when the move starts). It’s worth noting that putting any Waits in the Thread will cause the THREAD to wait, not the main program. If you want to hold the robot stationary until the liftkit has finished its move, you’re likely better off controlling it from the main program instead of a thread

We use a thread as well for the LiftKit. The thread sets a flag when it starts moving the kit, and because moving the kit with script command is a blocking function, the robot can just wait for the lift kit thread to reset the flag.