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Backup settings stored in DataModel

How would you backup settings stored in DataModel of a URCaps plugin ?
I mean to store it on a usb flash disk plug in to UR Teach Pedant.

I’m considering to utilize DataModel class or to use XML/JSON files to store settings of a URCaps plugin.


These data are just stored in the installation and the program files. (data you saved from the installation node to installation, those you saved in program node are stored in the urp).
It’s the best way to store data as the user can program on a simulator or another robot, and just have to save these files in a usb key to deploy on another robot.

Do I understand you correctly that user settings / changes on the Polyscope for specific URCaps are stored in the .urp of that URCaps ?
Thus for archiving/backup purpose, operator can easily backup the installed .urp from the usb flash key. Right ?

That’s it.
Also note that in the .urp are only stored the params from the programs node. If you don’t reload the same .installation, you’ll lose those stored from the installation node, and maybe have some malfunctions.

Thank you very much for the clarification.
That really helps.