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Installation node values as not retain able after power cycle the robot

I am working on URCAP project. We are defining the pose variables in installation node and calling in program node using getinstallation() .
When we shutdown the robot and start again the values are not getting stored in installation node. We need to reteach all the poses again.
Is there any way that we can store the variable and it will be retrievable

I believe if properly saved, everything should come back.

I’ve seen users not realize they need to “save installation” or use an alternate installation. Values are saved to a specific installation. After we spoke with them they realized it was their mistake.

Are the installation variables held through power cycles using a battery on the motherboard?

thanks rculhane and prichlin.
@prichlin - I am not sure how to check and do it. Can you please explain me in detail, so I will follow your instructions.
@rculhane - Yes I have properly saved the variables in installation node. Which will be the alternate way to do it

You can create global variables inside the program node section of a urcap and make it a persistedVariable (see api reference). Inside the URCap SDK is a file titled “Working with variables” which explains how you would go about creating a global persisted variable that saves to the installation file and can be loaded/saved on robot shutdown/power up.

Hello @rohan.more,
did you manage to find a way to use retentive variables ? I mean did you find a way how to keep the values in variables after powering off the controller of robot ?
It would mean a lot if you can share your findings on this topic.

You can use a xml file for storing data. There are libraries in java for the import/of the data from a such file and you can use these library, but you also must handle
appropriately when data are stored and retrieved from this file.

Thank you for the suggestion @stirbaion.

Does the UR offer the possibility to do it inside of a program without using URCap ?

Let’s say when declaring a variable to define it as retentive like in a PLC e.g.