Program from backup

Does anyone know the way to open a program file from a backup file. I tried to do this by URSim virtual machine, but I couldn’t restore backup.

In Polyscope?

Try this:

Thank you.
Unfortunately I need to extract program from .urb file (back up from whole system).

If the backup comes from the same robot, then you could just create a new backup, restore the system with the old backup, retract the program files, restore system with new backup? :thinking: Maybe?

^^^ yea you might have to try above, I’ve been trying to search for something that can open urb files to extract programs on UR’s support site but I’m assuming (I may be completely wrong here) that .urb files have robot serial information tethered to it so it only restores the files on the same robot. That’s why it wouldn’t restore on the URsim. Again, I could be wrong.

Best way moving forward would be to copy/paste programs to USB stick every once in awhile or use UR’s magic files to just back up programs.

Best of luck!

Thank you for the replies,
@efn: It is not the same robot. Not even the same type. For now I don’t have an acces to the “backup donor”
@michael.r.mercer: For sure you cannot restore backup from another robot type