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Starter Package 1.10.0 doesnt properly work - what are the login credentials for the console?

I just downloaded the starter package and started it up with VirtualBox under Windows 10.

The VM started fine and after shortly displaying a bootloader it booted into a console where I have to login first.

In the introduction video I watched it:

a) Didnt boot into a console but a GUI and

b) Nowhere in this video was the login name and password mentioned

So may I suggest that either you create a starter package that boots into a GUI or change the video to display what is REALLY happening and also maybe mention the login name and password?

As it is, the starter package is currently pretty useless for me. I searched for the login everywhere on your website and in the forum but didnt find anything. I pretty much just wasted 2 hours of my development time.

So what is the login?



Hi @r.mengwasser,

Welcome to the forum! The Starter package should boot into a GUI. The login is username “ur” and password “easybot”.

Yes, no.

Thats when I enter:


Ok, what is the root password?

Ok, with the knowledge that “ur” is the username I hacked myself into the system using an empty password.

I am in the GUI now.

Now I wanted to change my keyboard to a german one and I can’t because it asks for a password again and it is neither “easybot” nor an empty password.

So basicly my keyboard isnt really working cause its danish or something.

I also can’t update any network setting nor update the system or install something. I also can’t sudo.

So why on earth isnt the root password on the first page of the introduction website?

the password is probably not working due to your keyboard layout. At least “y” seems to be placed at a different location on a German keyboard.

Regarding the GUI, your issue could be like what they describe here: https://superuser.com/questions/1395714/virtualbox-android-x86-dont-boot-in-gui-but-just-in-command-line

Yes, exactly, thats why I would like to change the keyboard layout to german. :woozy_face:

Maybe a “y” is just a very bad idea to have in a standard password for a VM that is stuck in danish keyboard mode. :joy:

With that information I should be able to get in.