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Change jog speed while in automatic mode


Is there a way to configure the jog speed while in automatic mode on UR10e? I have a customer that complains that the jog speed is too fast. Is it also possible to change the speed of the program in automatic mode, or will it always run at 100% speed?


Hi Tor,

From the manual section 29.3.1. Preferences you find the following explanation:

Hiding Speed Slider
Located at the base of the Run tab screen, the Speed Slider allows the operator to change the speed of
a running Program.
1. In the Header, tap the Hamburger menu icon and select Settings.
2. Under Preferences, tap Run Screen.
3. Select check box to show or hide Speed Slider.

So go there and select to show the speed slider in the run screen.


That was easy, thanks a bunch!

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