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Slow bootup / Nettwork connection status

Software version:
Robot generation: CB3.1


I have set up four robots with static IP.

When I try to set the static IP in the network setup page the status text says “Network is not connected” even if the network cable is connected and I’m able to reach the robots over ethernet. Status still says disconnected after a full reboot.

IP-setup: (Present but with no internet connection)

DNS: /

The boot time has become exceptionally slow. I believe it has something to do with the network setup on the robot. It’s just a black screen for several minutes in-between bios and the UR loading screen with a progress bar. Boot time is slow when ethernet cable is connected and when cable is disconnected.

if robot not have internet connection you need remove the ip of gw and dns. i think robot try to connect to dns server and if not can , i think robot trying more times and have a long time out for this task.

i think is a bug or maybe UR need put less time for timeout of this taks.