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Can't see ethernet signal

Hello guys, on my UR10e robot, when I plug the ethernet cable (RG45) the robot does not emit any signal (the orange light which appears on the router), I have changed the cable, the router but it doesn’t work (while the cable and router works on other devices which means the problem is on the robot).

Could you please help me to find out what would be the problem?

Have you enabled Ethernet connection in:
Hamburger menu → Settings → System → Network

Yes, if we are talking about this:

Else this one below connects to a network on tis own when there is a network present

My static IP settings looks like this:

Mine Also changes, normaly it is but as it is not Connected it shows the

I have connected UR with network couple of times and had never any problems with this. I have no more ideas what can be wrong with your connection :frowning:

I don’t understand either, anyway Thank you.