Setting an unreachable pose as a reference point in the pallet wizard


I have been running this same robotic cell with a pallet wizard based program for about 4 months. The program runs 3 products on already by using the SKF LIFTKIT Cap to set a high point to stack the second half of pallets.

To account for the added base height I was just making a new point for the high setting (EX. Approach vs ApproachHigh) and doing a pose edit for the Z height to shift the placement of the boxes down and keep the pallet wizard working.

I got a product that has a taller box than I have had to run and I am running into an issue that to use the robot on the high base setting I would need to set the “ToolActionPoint” that is calculated to be approximately 75mm below what it can do.

For the TAP from the edit pose screen for the Base Feature on the low setting I have a Z of -414.93mm. (126.38,-716.08,-414.93) To be able to reach the 700mm mark on my lift column I would need to set the Z to -1114.93mm (126.38,-716.08,-1114.93) to ensure that it picks up in the same place on the pallet after raising. Whenever I use the -1114 value it gives me an unreachable pose error.

My other programs have all only had to raise 600mm and I have not had any problems using this method to keep it palletizing after raising.

I was wondering how I could set this as the point without worrying about it saying unreachable pose as it will never actually attempt to reach that far down because it will be picking up halfway through the pallet.

I believe I should implement the pose_add or pose_trans but am unsure of how to implement those properly.