setSubtreeHidden not working

Using this code to set a subtree as hidden and it doesnt appear to be working?

    ProgramNodeFactory nf = programModel.getProgramNodeFactory();
    FolderNode folderNode = nf.createFolderNode();
    return folderNode;

This is the error:

    cannot find symbol
    [ERROR] symbol:   method setSubtreeHidden(boolean)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Are you using at least API version 1.12?

That’s a fairly new API (I think the current is 1.13) so if you’re using this on a slightly older build, it might not see it. You can find this in your POM under dependencies:


In this case, my CAP that is currently on 1.10 would also not be able to access this method.

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Amazing thank you! Was using the new API but hadnt changed the POM