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Passive Waypoints

I believe PolyScope programs can only have waypoint elements as part of a move command. Sometimes it is necessary to have a reference pose that is not acted upon, but only as a precursor to a final pose thru an additional command, or example, a pose_add() from that reference, etc…

Now, it would be nice to have a way of storing passive Polyscope waypoints, outside of a move command, as opposed to a script p[x,y…] variable, so the convenience of the “set point” and “move robot here” buttons remained usable, and it could be adjusted with the teach pendant.

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Did you consider using Feature Points?
I believe these have the desired behavior.

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Thank you! Silly me…

Hi all,

In addition to the first question, is it possible to add a Feature out of a reachable position ? The goal here is to make a waypoint relative to a point that is not necessarily reachable by the arm (rotate the base frame around Z for exemple). The robot cannot reach it so it is not possible to save the Feature

Thank you very much !

Consider placing a Feature within reach of the robot, but with same coordinate axis directions as the one you need out of reach.
In your BeforeStart sequence, you can then offset the feature in e.g. the Y-direction, and use this feature for offsetting,

Thank you! , let’s continue this discussion in the topic Passive unreachable waypoints :slight_smile:

The possible to use passive waypoints exist, you only need to push the suppress button on a waypoint :wink:
Very easy, i use it often when i testing something :slight_smile:

That won’t allow to use the waypoint in script snippets though, right? I think only feature points can be used for that. Or am I incorrect here (I hope I am actually)?

You could place a number of waypoints within a false If statement.

If False

The robot will not move to these points, as the IF will always be false.
However you can find them under the Poses dropdown or similar.

I also use If false xxxxxx.
But I consider that’s some strange.
How about provide a “Set this waypoint” in assignment command tab or in its Expression.
Or directly add a waypoint any where.

@jbm I noticed that the “Seek” template does this, generating StartPos, FromPos, ToPos, etc. These waypoints are editable from the program window (in contrast with feature points), and are not nested in a Move command. The generated script creates global variables for those waypoints.
Is it possible to achieve something like that programatically? In other words, I’d like to generate a custom node (just like Direction or PlaceSequence in the image) that can define waypoints to use somewhere else in the program, without necessarily moving there at the point where they are defined.

Did you get anywhere with this? I would like to do the same.

Has there been an update to this? I would like to do something similar as well.

I tend to create a sub program called “Positions” etc and then just teach all my points in here, then when I need them in the program, i just link to these.

this might be something similar to what you are after?