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Send Emergency stop command over Ethernet connection?

I am controlling the robot in the Windows 10 environment.

It can be operated by script command

How do I send an Emergency stop command?

Or is there another way?

To be mentioned first: Do not use older Versions than Polyscope 5.4.1 as there was a Emergency Stop Output Bug.
You can configure a Emergency Stop Output on the Config_Out pins of the robot (Installation->Safety->IO).
Actually, there is no proper way to simulate E-Stop Inputs and Outputs with URSim as it behaves in another way than the real robot. E.g. you can do set_configurable_digital_in(x,val) in URSim which doesn’t (and shouldn’t) work on real robot.

If you’re referring to a real robot, I believe there is an e-stop input in RTDE interface, I know there is one for the Profinet/EthernetIP interfaces and a lot of those bits exist in RTDE.

m.birkholz, mbush
Thank you

I think the explanation was short. I’m sorry.
What I want is the actual E-Stop button(No Program) on the touch pendant.

I do not want to connect other I / O signals.

please help me

Are you trying to sense when the e-stop on the pendant is pressed or “press” the e-stop on the pendant digitally from a remote computer? Need to better understand what you are trying to accomplish before assistance can be offered.

You are right

I want to control the pendant’s emergency stop device with my computer. Do you understand?

I would like to send E-Stop command to the computer without manually pressing the E-Stop device

I didn‘t know for e-stop over profinet and couldn‘t find it in the docs. @mbush how do you do this? :slight_smile:
Note that in respect to match actual safety norms you should be either using a 2-channel digital input or a failsafe ethernet communication e.g. PROFIsafe which is not yet supported on UR robots.

@m.birkholz you are correct, there is not a way today to do that, I forgot we hard wired the e-stop from the PLC to the robot, we use the PLC to gather multiple e-stops from the cell including from the teach pendant and then set the e-stop bit on the PLC which is hard wired to the robot controller, they sit only a few inches apart.

I really wish that UR would release Profi-SAFE as that would greatly simplify our safety systems and wiring requirements. Today we have to convert all signals down into a single signal for safeguard stop or e-stop.


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