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Safety Output "System Emergency Stopped" Not Correct

Hello. I am running Polyscope 5.11 on a 10e, and noticed today that the language and functionality of the Configurable Safety Outputs for “System Emergency Stopped” do not match.

What it appears to be is that this Output setting reacts only to “Robot Emergency Stopped” (ie pressing the E-Stop built into the pendent).

This difference is crucial, because it means any external E-Stops wired into Configurable Inputs set for E-Stop are not capable of dropping this E-Stop signal.

If this is intentional, then I would ask that the language change from “SYSTEM Emergency Stopped” to “ROBOT Emergency Stopped” which would be in line with what is displayed on the status indicator at the bottom left of the pendent. I’ve included some screenshots for reference.

Seen in the image above, I have triggered an external E-Stop (CI2 and 3), putting the status to “System Emergency Stop” in the lower left. However, CO2 and CO3 (configured for E-Stop output) are still on.

And in this above image, once I press the E-Stop on the pendent, the status becomes “Robot Emergency Stop” and now my CO2 and 3 have dropped out.