Link UR estop to CNC e-stop

I have a machine tending application and I would like to wire the e-stop of the cnc machine to the e-stop of my UR10e. I think the wiring of this would be identical to two separate UR cobots getting wired with a safety relay. Anyone have a recommendation for a relay to use? The only way I can think to wire it would involve two separate relays to isolate the signals from each robot. Is there a special kind of input/output on a safety relay that performs this function without having to purchase two units?


Hi Dusty,

Page 35 of the User Manual shows how to connect additional e-stops and to share an e-stop with another machine.

You can set up a shared emergency stop function between the robot and other machines by configuring the following I/O functions via the GUI.
• Configurable input pair: External emergency stop.
• Configurable output pair: System emergency stop.

The Robot Emergency Stop Input cannot be used for sharing purposes. If more than two UR robots or other machines need to be connected, a safety PLC must be used to control the emergency stop signals.

Hope this helps.

It also depends on whether you are talking about the CNC machines estop output or input. If you want the CNC machine to drive the robot into an estop state then you need to understand the output signal of the CNC machine (is it dual dry contacts or OSSD style output). UR e-series robots can handle both types of signals but CB3 cannot.