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Send a Pose as Parameter to an XMLRPC Function

I need to send the get_actual_tool_flange_pose() to my daemon via xmlrpc.

    pose = get_actual_tool_flange_pose() 

this fails due to “parameter should be a list”

is there anyway to send a pose as a parameter? or at least a convenient way to cast the pose to a list.
I am aware of the trivial solution below, but was looking for something cleaner:

pose_list = [ pose[0], pose[1], pose[2], pose[3], pose[4], pose[5] ]

did you define: pose?

eg installation variables
i_var_1 = p[0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0]

i_var_1 = get_actual_tool_flange_pose()

log converted to json:
{ […], “value”: {“rx”: -0.001221359681592564, “ry”: 3.116276528481975, “rz”: 0.03889191563688683, “y”: -0.4356200608031921, “x”: -0.14396865671352166, “z”: 0.2020300254283846} }

Sorry i’m not sure I understand.
“pose” is defined in this line:
pose = get_actual_tool_flange_pose()
it is not an installation variable, just a local variable.

I did a test in URSim 5.6 with the sample: Communication example with a webservice
It is working with global/local variable.
How does your daemon look like?

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