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Returning data from c++ daemon xmlrpc

As the Title says
How do I retrieve complex data from an xmlprc run by the robot
as I understand we can only get list of one type string[] or number[]

DataTest::DataTest(Data* data)
  this->_signature = "A:";

void DataTest::execute(xmlrpc_c::paramList const& paramList, xmlrpc_c::value * const retvalP)
  std::vector<xmlrpc_c::value> dataTest;

  *retvalP = xmlrpc_c::value_array(dataTest);

The error i get is list cannot contain this data type: Variable String

pls how to solve this problem thanks.

I found out you cant define an array of string in urscript, so that’s is why it won’t be possible.

@dhv There is a feature request to support more complex lists such as list of lists as well as strings in lists. You might want to go vote on the request.

It can be found here

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