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Script Exporter

I was looking to use the ScriptExporter as provided in this post ScriptCommunicator. I wanted to test retrieving Pose data from a pose_trans calculation as a string but I seem to always receive a null value back. Is there something I am missing for properly retrieving the data using the exporter?

ScriptExporter export = new ScriptExporter();
		ScriptCommand commandString = new ScriptCommand("scriptExport");
		commandString.appendLine("new_pose = pose_trans(some_pose1,some_pose2)");
		commandString.appendLine("return_value = to_str(new_pose )");
		String resultString = export.exportStringFromURScript(commandString, "return_value");
		System.out.println("String result is: "+resultString);

I also tried skipping the return_value and just using the Pose variable as the return value as well with the same results.

Hi @nrivas,

Have you tried with the class ScriptProxy ?