Collecting Modbus Signal Status with the Script Exporter

Hey all,

I am currently working on a toolbar that will monitor a small collection of Modbus variables that were previously configured through an installation node via the script communicator package and the sender class. In the toolbar I would like to use the exporter class to poll these variables when opened.

The issue I am running into is that when I run my code the returned variable is always null. I have also run into problems where the pendant locks up when running but does not throw an exception.
Here is the problem code in the toolbar contribution:

                  ScriptExporter export = new ScriptExporter();
                  ScriptCommand command = new ScriptCommand("CheckModbusSignal");
                  command.appendLine("RT_TEMP_BOOL = modbus_get_signal_status(\"RTReady\", False)");
                  String resultString = export.exportStringFromURScript(command, "RT_TEMP_BOOL");

I have tried with this simpler set up to test and there are no issues:

        ScriptExporter export = new ScriptExporter();
        ScriptCommand commandInt = new ScriptCommand("CheckModbusSignal");
        commandInt.appendLine("Temp = 1");
        int resultInt = export.exportIntegerFromURScript(commandInt, "Temp");

If anyone has some insight into what I may be tripping up on I would greatly appreciate any help.