Safety Plane Output


An Option to set and / or unset a configurable output when a Safety plane if crossed

What is it?

An Addition to the current safety plane options. and configurable Outputs.

Why is it needed?

To enable or dissable A safety device when the robot is working in side or outside a Work area.


Definitely a great suggestion. Currently, if you are running safety, you’re probably OK with this option, and it works for us:

Set the safety limits for Reduced mode to be the exact same settings as Normal mode. They have “Robot in Reduced Mode” and “Robot Not In Reduced” as configurable outputs. Using these two, you can get your Side 1/Side 2 determination based on whether it is running in reduced or not, and if you set them to the same limits, the actual speeds won’t be any different.

It would also be relly helpful if you could enable and disable them in the Program

Read the actual TCP pose in a thread. As soon as you cross a self defined pose limit you can switch on/off a physical output.

This is OK if you aren’t dealing with safety. But for my application I need a dual channel safety signal to control external servos if an operator walks into Side 1 WHILE the robot is there. Doing this through code doesn’t achieve the required safety performance level.

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That’s correct. I misunderstood your needs…