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More than one reduced mode

The robot only has one reduced mode.

The wish is to have at least two reduced modes. An easy way to implement triggering the modes without adding a lot of logic could be nesting the modes, so that if you are in normal mode, trigger 1 would bring you into reduced mode 1, and if you are in reduced mode 1, trigger 2 would bring you into reduced mode 2.

If a person gets close to the robot (triggered by safety scanner) the robot will reduce speed and force, and an even more restricted mode if a person is close and the tool get over a certain hight (triggered by a safety plane) to prevent head injuries.

An additional reduced mode will keep the robot useful by not apply worst case scenario for all situations and still comply with ISO TS 15066, which is about to be a part of ISO 10281-2.

Yea, sounds like an interesting feature to have.

We use OMRON OS32C safety scanners, and they have two sets of outputs which you can configure to two different programmable fields.

I use one set for triggering a reduced mode input, and the other set, I use for triggering a safeguard stop.

Essentially Warning zone 1 triggers reduced mode, and safety zone triggers a full stop. They are set at different radii to create an escalating safety system.

Yes, I have done that too. Reduced mode when a person is getting close and stop when the person is too close. But two or more reduced mode would make my day :smile: