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Error Code C296A1

Hi everyone,

We recently moved a UR5e that has been sitting idle for about a year. I was not working here (or with robots) the last time this was powered on and was just told “it was operational” before getting it in place to start with the new palletizing operation I am starting. The robot was previously hooked up to a pre-made depalletizing station. We had disconnected all of the features that were hooked up to it as we more or less just wanted to start with a fresh robot.

Whenever we went to start it today, the teach pendant and control box had turned on, but the light in the control box for “robot power” was unlit. The pendant said “fault” when I tried to start the robot and threw error code “C296A1: SCB IO failed to
power on”.

The troubleshooting guide states “Ensure the IO Power Connector on the Safety Control Board is connected to the 24VDC” but can somebody clarify what this means for me? I have ensured that the safety IO terminal block is wired correctly, tightened down, and in, yet it still throws the error.

Perhaps I am just misunderstanding? Thank you in advance.


Did you have an external power supply for the previous application, so the jumpers are missing on the “Power” IO block?

Additionally, I would recommend checking the fuse in the control cabinet. Make sure it isn’t blown, and that there isn’t corrosion on the legs.

We had found that was indeed the problem. We were investigating and our terminal block was fried. We were trying to remove the external supply as we thought it was just being used for the switch.