Safety Limits lower limits


Even with the lowest limits the robot is still not sensible enough for some applications. This makes additional safety hardware neccessary in some cases, espacially when the pressure values from the ISO TS 15066 cannot be reached. As seen in the funtion “ToolContact”, the cobot itself is capable of being way more sensible then the limits from the safety limits.

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Lower limits for robot limits

Why is it needed?

To make more applications safe by only using the UR Hardware without additional safety measures.

So the Until Contact actually isn’t using just the force sensors. It’s using some fancy programming to monitor the TCP speed (among a few other things). In general, safety derived from code/logic won’t satisfy most risk assessments or certifications.

Hi Eric, thank you for your reply!

I was not aware of the fact that it is using the tcp speed.
Of course that function cannot be used as is for the safety.

Still I wonder if it is possible for UR to detect collision more quickly or to limit the corresponding force more than what can be specified in the safety tab.

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